January 2021 Digital Roundup

This year has already been super busy in the world of social media!

Enjoy this quick summary of the latest industry updates from the past two weeks.



Twitter has acquired the Breaker Podcast App and its team with the goal of improving Twitter’s audio platform and improving the health of the public conversation.

“We’re impressed by the entrepreneurial spirit at Twitter and enthusiastic about the new experiences that the team is creating.” – Breaker CEO Erik Berlin.

As a result, Breaker will be shutting down on January 15th.

Twitter has also acquired its first design firm: 7-year-old, San Francisco-based Ueno. The main goal of this decision is to “accelerate the quality and execution of our design and product experiences on Twitter”.

Ueno is currently finishing off with its existing clients before fully joining the Twitter team.


Twitter provides tips on establishing your brand voice:

1. Differentiate yourself from competitors

2. Target your ideal customer

3. Show your unique point of view

4. Refine your brand voice through Twitter Read their full post here.



LinkedIn adds a ‘Swipe Up’ feature to stories, displaying as a ‘See More’ prompt to viewers, which could be great for promoting job opportunities and general success.

This addition matches similar functions on Snapchat and Instagram, and so it’s debatable as to whom the target audience might be.

It is available only to LinkedIn pages, and people with 5000 plus followers (they must also have the ‘Follow’ button as the primary action on their own profile instead of the standard ‘Connect’).


LinkedIn launches marketing labs to teach its users about the tools currently available on the platform: “With LinkedIn Marketing Labs, you can access a host of curated courses to learn about how to utilize best the LinkedIn marketing tools available to reach and engage with professionals.”

The courses are for anyone and everyone, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

Topics include brand awareness, advertising, reposts and analytics, and funnels. Follow this link to have a look over on their website.

LinkedIn adds post visibility and reply controls.



Instagram is testing a new story layout for desktop. Currently, stories being viewed on a computer take up the whole screen for just one individual story.

The new carousel-style brings more stories into view to encourage users to click through and keep viewing.

It looks cleaner and allows you to navigate through them just like on your mobile.

The update is currently only available to a select few users, as it is still in the testing stage.


· Instagram is also testing hiding total like count on posts.



Tiktok users under the age of 18 will now have their account set to ‘Private’ by default.

The app is for 13+ anyway, but this setting will be beneficial for a lot of its users.



WhatsApp updates their privacy terms to make space for messenger integration.

Some people are a bit upset that the messaging platform will now be giving messages to Facebook. But this is incorrect. The only information shared is personal data such as the phone number of users and their contacts, profile names and pictures, and diagnostic data.

Your messages are still encrypted; don’t worry!


WhatsApp delays privacy policy update to tackle more concerns.



Facebook provides tips for maximising lead generation. The post includes information from lead magnets to converting potential customers into buyers. Facebook gives you helpful examples so you can make the most out of their platform. See what they have to say here.

Facebook brings us a new page layout. The update is a simplified look with the absence of the ‘Like’ button; the only option you will be given is to ‘Follow’ your favourite pages. By only showcasing the follower count, we get a much better understanding of the page’s reach.

Facebook has added Safety Check and Live Video Enhancements for Workplace. As more and more companies turn to remote working for their employees, keeping each user safe and managing communications effectively is a must.

Another feature is that companies will have the option to run live video meetings with multiple presenters. The collaboration will be easier than ever for Workplace users.

Facebook adds ‘account quality’.

Facebook is removing ‘our story’ section.



· Testing dark mode


The ‘De-Platforming’ of Trump

Here’s a quick update of all the sites and networks that have deleted Donald Trump’s presence, halting all campaigns.

Reddit, Twitch, Shopify, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, Apple, Discord, Pinterest, Amazon AWS, Stripe, Okta & Twilio.

This list doesn’t leave him with much…