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Helping you stamp your authority and scale, fast.

Every business is different. This means there is no one-size-fits all operation. At SanterMedia, we respect individuality by tailoring a custom solution, every time.

That being said, here’s a rough guide of what you can expect when you book a time to chat.

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    Please take a minute to answer a few questions so we can best serve you on our initial call.

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    We'll discuss what you need and you'll either get an invitation to work with us or at the least, you'll have some actionable steps to take away with you.

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    We'll develop a game plan for us to accomplish your goals, together.


Become our next success story

Apply before we close the doors...

Due to the intricate nature of customizing the AI Member Acquisition system to each gym we can only accept a [.c-highlighted]handful[.c-highlight-yellow][.c-highlight-yellow][.c-highlighted] of new accounts each month...

As of [.hack22-date-version1]now[.hack22-date-version1], we are accepting new applications.

Find your footing towards the business you dreamt of when you first started and apply to schedule a deep-dive session into your business...

[.c-row-flex][.c-box-pink]And if you don't feel you got any value from the call we'll give you $100 for "wasting your time"...[.c-box-pink][.c-text-column]THAT'S how confident we are that you'll be blown away by this service.[.c-text-column][.c-row-flex]

Meet John

[.c-row-flex-luke][.c-text-column-luke][.c-mb-16]Because of our AMA System [.c-mb-16][.c-mb-16]→ John bounced back from COVID stronger than before[.c-mb-16][.c-mb-16] → Happened in only 3 weeks time [.c-mb-16][.c-mb-16]→ Forced us to pause advertising to handle the influx of new members[.c-mb-16][.c-text-column-luke][.c-column-luke][.c-column-luke][.c-row-flex-luke]

NOT having a system like this in place?

Well that's costing you [.c-highlighted]$1,000's[.c-highlight-yellow][.c-highlight-yellow][.c-highlighted] in memberships you don't have to lift a finger to acquire...

Skeptical? You should be.

We speak to dozens of Gym Owners every single week…

This is what we hear:

[.c-box-wrapper][.c-box]“I spent thousands on marketing and barely got any interest...let alone enough members to cover the cost.”[.c-box][.c-box-wrapper]

[.c-box-wrapper][.c-box-2]“We were just getting momentum before all the craziness...now I'm not sure whether we'll ever bounce back from this...”[.c-box-2][.c-box-wrapper]

[.c-box-wrapper][.c-box]“I've been through 4 different marketing agencies...tried SEO, Facebook Ads, Google, and I honestly have never gotten a decent ROI. It's a nightmare not having a predictable flow of new members...so we just kinda keep bouncing around..hoping to find something that works one day.”[.c-box][.c-box-wrapper]

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Reuben Santer
Book Call

The conversation shifts to a more positive note.

We have been working with Reuben and his team since Oct 2022 and needs now part of the Colosseum Family. Without SanterMedia we would be dead in our tracks.

Is SanterMedia worth the investment? 1M % YES. The Revenue vs the Investment is in the 1000%. Dec 2022 we had a scare interaction with FB and Reuben was up into the midnight hour on a Sunday helping us get back up and running. Thank you isnt even enough to thank his team. Def a God Sent
client headshot

John Franco

Colosseum Bootcamp

Going with SanterMedia has been one of the best business decisions we have made! Reuben Santer and his team have worked quickly and efficiently to set up the necessary systems for an efficient marketing campaign.

SanterMedia worked closely with us to make sure the systems fit our business model and then made some awesome ads and filled the funnel with leads. With the help of SanterMedia we were able to sign over 50 new members in our first month working together!
client headshot

Paul Milano

Resilient Training Lab

SanterMedia has exceeded my expectations. I'm incredibly excited and happy to say that because I've never been able to say that about another advertising company or agency or really anyone that we've worked with this far.

We're being flooded with so many quality prospects right now that we can't even keep up. It's a very good problem to have, and like I said, no other team has really been able to get in and consistently produce that type of "problem" for me. Make the investment. You wont regret it!
client headshot

Xavier Pereda

PUMP Fitness Studio

Santer Media is hands down the best fitness marketing agency, hands down, bar none! I can say this with confidence and conviction because I have worked with no less then 10 different fitness marketing agencies prior to partnering with them.

Santer Media has run over 40 ad sets testing what works and what doesn't and delivered with both lead volume and lead quality. And they also got our lead costs down well below anything we have ever experienced before. If you want to work with the best and stop spinning your wheels with the rest, partner up with Santer Media!
client headshot

Matt O'Brien

TrYumph Fitness and Nutrition

Reuben and his team have helped us dominate! We’ve been working with Santer Media for a little over two months and they’ve helped us generate over 50k in revenue. I’d highly recommend them if you’re looking to build your business.
client headshot

Alex Tassoul

ETS Performance

Rueben and Toby have worked wonders for the growth of our gym, CrossFit 822. In the first two  months of using their services, our monthly net income has increased significantly.  They don’t simply sell a service and forget about your business as a client. They hold you accountable to the leads and truly want you to succeed. I’d recommend them to anyone!
client headshot

Anthony Hilbers

CrossFit 822

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Guaranteed Success


We'd like to prove the AI Member Acquisition System works by guaranteeing you get a positive ROI.. or it's FREE (and you walk away with a cool $1k on top of that)

Yup, we’re so confident you’ll be blown away by this service that if we don’t deliver on our promise you won't owe us a cent AND we'll cut you a check for $1,000.


Don't get left behind.
It's time to get on the train.