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Where to find us

South Digital was founded in Southampton, England. This is also where the directors (Zac & Ellie) live.

Our opening hours are flexible; therefore, you can reach us at whatever time suits you, and we will be sure to get back to you within 12 hours.

Our team works remotely; therefore, reaching us by phone or video call is usually the most viable option, but we are always up for a coffee if you're local!

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Southampton, UK
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Frequently asked questions

Who writes the website text?
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We handle the copywriting for most of our website projects. However, we can work with a copywriter of your choice if you'd prefer.

Can you host my website?
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Yes! Most of our client's websites are on our own private, super-fast hosting platform. But sometimes, if tied in, it makes sense for the site to be hosted somewhere else.

How much do you charge?
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Our prices are upward of £1000 + VAT. Without knowing the scope of the project, it's hard to give a specific price. If you want a quick answer, you can request a free mockup or give us a message/call, and once we know the details and what you are looking for, we can give you an accurate answer.

What if I don't have any photos?
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Using stock images is a great way to bring life to your website when you lack your own content. We can use photos and videos from a range of either free or paid websites, so this won't be an issue at all.

What platform do you use? WordPress?
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Our team is trained in Wordpress, Webflow & Shopify. Based upon your needs, we'll recommend the best platform for the project.

How long will it take?
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The project's timeframe can be anywhere from 2-3 weeks to a couple of months; it all depends on the size of the site, how many pages, products etc.

What if I don't like the site?
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There are many checkpoints during the build where you can make sure the project is always going in the right direction. That being said, if you decide you don't like your new website, we will work with you to tweak it until you do.

Can I use my domain? Where do I get one?
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We can either use a domain that you already have (including migrating from your current website) or we can aid you in purchasing a new one.

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