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How To Set Up And Use Google Analytics

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May 24, 2023
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Google Analytics is a free tool that monitors and assesses website traffic. You may gain helpful knowledge on the demographics, interests, and behaviour of the people who visit your website. Your website's content, layout, and advertising campaigns can all be improved with this information.

Step one is to register a Google Analytics account; then, you can install the tracking code on your website to begin to gather information on the people visiting your website.

Creating a Google Analytics Account

You must visit the Google Analytics website and click the "Sign Up" button to create a new account. Next, you will be prompted to enter basic details about your website, like its name and URL.

You will be brought to the Google Analytics dashboard after creating your account. You may get a high-level summary of your website traffic via the dashboard. The dashboard lets you see details about your website's visitors, including how many, which pages they are seeing, and where they are coming from.

Adding the Google Analytics Tracking Code to Your Website

The Google Analytics tracking code needs to be added to your website to begin collecting data from everyone who lands on your site. The process is simple; you have a piece of JavaScript known as the tracking code that instructs GA to gather information about all of the visitors to your website.

You can manually insert the Google Analytics tracking code by copying and pasting it into the head section of your website's HTML code from the Google Analytics dashboard. Or, there is also a plugin that can automatically add the Google Analytics tracking code to your website if you use a content management system (CMS) like WordPress or Drupal.

It will begin gathering information about your website visitors as soon as you put the Google Analytics tracking code to your website.

Viewing Your Google Analytics Data

Once you have started collecting data, you can view your data in the Google Analytics dashboard. In addition, the dashboard provides you with various reports that you can use to track your website traffic. Some of the reports that you can view in the Google Analytics dashboard include:

Audience: This report provides information about your website visitors, such as their demographics, interests, and behaviour.

Acquisition: This report provides information about how visitors find your website.

Behaviour: This report provides information about how visitors interact with your website.

Conversions: This report provides information about how many website visitors are taking the desired action on your website, such as making a purchase or signing up for a newsletter.

You can use the reports in the Google Analytics dashboard to track your website traffic and identify areas where you can improve your website.

Using Google Analytics to Improve Your Website

You can use Google Analytics as a helpful tool to enhance your website. For example, you may increase the effectiveness and user-friendliness of your website by monitoring website traffic and identifying areas for improvement. Here are a few examples of how you can use GA to enhance your site:

First, track the traffic to your website: Monitoring the traffic to your website is crucial in understanding where you could improve. This will enable you to learn more about the visitors to your website and how they found it, which is the first step in making it better.

Identify your ideal audience: Once you know who your website visitors are, you can identify your target audience and alter/create your content, design and messaging in a way that appeals to them.

Track your website conversions: Most websites ultimately aim to generate conversions. This could be anything from making a sale to signing up for a newsletter. Identify what is working and what is not by keeping an eye on your website conversions.

Make the relevant changes to your website: Once you have identified areas where you can improve your website, you can start making the needed changes. These changes are minor tweaks, but they make all the difference. An example could be looking to improve your website speed so more people stay long enough to actually see what's on your first page.

Utilising Google Analytics will enable you to watch website traffic, pinpoint your target market, monitor website conversions, and modify your website for the better.

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